Beidahuang Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beidahuang Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. It originated from the Construction Corporation directly under the State Administration of agricultural reclamation, which was established in 1989. It was restructured into the Agricultural Reclamation Construction Engineering Group in 2001 and renamed Beidahuang Construction Group in 2015, with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan. Beidahuang construction group is a national first-class qualified large state-owned group company integrating planning and design, building construction, municipal water conservancy construction, real estate development, property management, equipment leasing and new energy technology development. At present, the group has 688 employees, more than 157 engineering and technical personnel (including 146 with senior technical titles and 157 with intermediate technical titles), more than 139 national first and second-class constructors, more than 300 sets of large-scale construction machinery and equipment, total assets of nearly 4 billion yuan and annual construction capacity of more than 5 billion yuan. There are more than 20 subsidiaries (branches) under the jurisdiction of the group, with first-class qualification for general contracting of construction and municipal public works, first-class qualification for professional contracting of steel structure, second-class qualification for general contracting of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, and second-class qualification for professional contracting of Building Decoration Engineering, building curtain wall engineering, building electromechanical installation engineering, special engineering (structural reinforcement), waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering and fire-fighting facilities engineering, Class a Architectural Design Institute, real estate development qualification and other relevant professional qualifications.

For more than 30 years, Beidahuang Construction Group Co., Ltd. has cast a classic for each accompanying city. The Construction Group has carefully researched and built, and has successively won more than 180 honors such as the national "May Day" labor award, the national advanced collective of construction system, the national excellent construction enterprise and AAA quality integrity unit, and more than 400 national, provincial and municipal high-quality engineering awards such as Luban Award, national high-quality project and provincial Longjiang Cup project.

Facing the new development period of the "14th five year plan", the company will implement the new development concept and build a new development pattern, focus on the "three major and one aircraft carrier" strategy of Beidahuang group, "1213" engineering system and the enterprise vision of "integration of investment, construction, management and service, integration of culture, tourism, maintenance and construction" of construction investment company, take the "15333" development strategy of Construction Co., Ltd. as the guide, and rely on the projects in the reclamation area, and actively explore the construction market inside and outside the province and internationally, Accelerate the realization of "double circulation" inside and outside the reclamation area. Use quality buildings to warm more families and create livable cities. Beidahuang construction has made continuous efforts to create space environment, humanistic and social environment, ecological and natural environment and clean and efficient production environment.